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Burros and Fries Menu With Price 2021

Are you searching for a place where you can satisfy your hunger? Or are you searching for mouth watering recipes? So your search is over now. Burros and Fries menu provides you all delicious food in your table. So Menuz King is here with latest Burros and Fries menu . Menuz king provides you full and updated 2021 menu of Burros and Fries. So its time to stop your craving with the help of Burros and Fries. Burros and Fries is one of top food outlets in USA. Burros and Fries menu is known for varieties.

Menuz King provides you Burros and Fries breakfast menu, Burros and Fries kids menu , Burros and Fries lunch menu, Burros and Fries secret menu and many more all under one roof. Burros and Fries serves meal for all age groups. You can give your order according to your taste. Burros and Fries is also known for their great customer service, so you will feel happy to have a meal here.

So if you are planning to order some food from Burros and Fries , dont forget to read Menuz King full menu of Burros and Fries. We have arranged the menu from Appetizers , Full Meals drinks to desserts.

You can also check the Burros and Fries official website site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price because restaurant can change their price anytime. So you may observe some variation in our menu as compared to official menu of Burros and Fries. Menuz King constant effort try to update these menu as soon as possible. So our visitors can get the latest menu with its prices.

Its time to beat hunger with delicious Burros and Fries meals. Dont think about calories , first lets have the food which you are craving for.
So without wasting much time lets check the full Burros and Fries menu.

Burros Menu

Shrimp Burro$5.79
Fish Burro$4.69
Mixed BurroCarne asada or chicken with beans and cheese.$5.09
Vegetarian BurroBeans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, salsa fresca and cheese.$4.49
California BurroCarne asada or grilled chicken.$5.09
El Grande BurritoDouble wrap carne asada, potatoes, salsa fresca, lettuce, sour cream and cheese.$7.09
Cotija’s BurritoCarne asada, strips of anheheim peppers, simmered in a creamy sauce with jack and cheddar cheese, with a spread of beans.$5.29
Diablo Shrimp Burro$5.79
Carne Asada Burro$5.49
Pollo Asado BurroGrilled chicken.$5.09
Pollo Adobado BurroMarinated grilled chicken.$5.09
Chile Verde BurroMom’s recipe.$5.09
Chipotle BurroChipotle sauce, rice, beans and cheese.$5.09
Bean and Cheese Burro$3.09
Surf And Turf BurroCarne asada, shrimp, rice, salsa fresca, french fries, cheese and secret white sauce.$5.99

Burros & Fries Combo menu

Grilled FishWith vegetables.$7.59
Chile Relleno And Cheese Enchilada$7.59
Carne Asada, Pollo Asado Or CarnitasChoice of flour or corn tortillas.$7.59
2 Tacos Beef Or ChickenBeef, chicken or cheese.$7.59
TampiquenaCarne asada, 1 cheese enchilada with tortillas.$7.85
Chile Verde PlateWith corn or flour tortillas.$8.09
Grilled Chicken BreastWith vegetables.$7.59
2 EnchiladasChoice of steak, cheese or chicken. Add shrimp $0.89.$7.59
Any BurritoAdd shrimp $0.89.$7.59
Steak Or Chicken FajitWith tortillas (add shrimp $1.99).$8.05
Bistek RancheroSteak simmered in our own ranchero sauce with corn or flour tortillas.$7.85
Camarones Rancheros, A La Diabla Or Mojo De AjoWith tortillas.$8.35

Burros & Fries Kids menu

Kid’s Bean And Cheese Burrito$4.09
1 Cheese Enchilada$4.09
Kid’s Quesadilla$4.09
3 Mini Beef Or Chicken Rolled TacosWith guacamole or sour cream.$4.09

Tortas Menu

Ham And Cheese Tortas$4.89
Pollo Asado Tortas$5.09
Carne Asada Tortas$5.39
Burros and fries Quesadilla menu

Quessadillas Menu

Cheese Quesadilla$3.39
Pollo Asado QuesadillaGrilled chicken.$5.99
Supreme Quesadilla$5.09
Carne Asada Quesadilla$5.99
Shrimp Quesadilla$6.99

Caldos menu

Caldo De Res$7.59
Caldo De 7 Mares$8.85
Caldo De Camaron Or Pescado$8.09

Tostadas Menu

Bean Tostada$2.59
Supreme Flour Shell TostadaPollo asado carne asada with beans, lettuce, salada fresca, guacamole, sour cream and cheese.$5.89
Carne Asada Or Pollo Asado Tostada$3.09

Tacos Menu

3 Rolled Beef Or Chicken TacoWith guacamole.$3.39
3 Flautas TacosShredded beef, with guacamole, sour cream, salsa fresca and cheese.$4.09
3 Rolled Tacos Rancheros$3.39
Shredded Beef Or Chicken Taco$2.59
Carne Asada Taco$2.79
Carnitas (Pork) TacoHometown recipe.$2.59
Shrimp Taco$3.29
Pollo Asado TacoGrilled chicken.$2.59
Fish Taco$2.39
burros and fries tacos menu


Carne Asada Or Pollo Asado Chips$6.59
Nachos Supreme$4.09
Bag Of Chips$2.09


Caesar With Grilled Chicken Salad$5.99
Garden Salad With Grilled ChickenWith shrimp or carne asada $1.49 extra.$5.99


Beef Tamale$3.09
1/2 Pint Of Rice$1.99
2 Cheese EnchiladasCheese, chicken or steak.$4.09
1 Chile RellenoTopped with enchilada sauce, cheese, guacamole and sour cream on the side.$3.99
1/2 Pint Of Beans$1.99


Beef Tamale$3.09
1/2 Pint Of Rice$1.99
2 Cheese EnchiladasCheese, chicken or steak.$4.09
1 Chile RellenoTopped with enchilada sauce, cheese, guacamole and sour cream on the side.$3.99
1/2 Pint Of Beans$1.99

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Which cuisine is served in Burros and Fries ?

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