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Hueys Menu & Price

Are you searching for a place where you can satisfy your hunger? Or are you searching for mouth watering recipes? So your search is over now. Hueys menu provides you all delicious food in your table. So Menuz King is here with latest Hueys menu . Menuz king provides you full and updated 2021 menu of Hueys. So its time to stop your craving with the help of Hueys. Hueys is one of top food outlets in USA. Hueys menu is known for varieties.

Menuz King provides you Hueys breakfast menu, Hueys kids menu , Hueys lunch menu, Hueys secret menu and many more all under one roof. Hueys serves meal for all age groups. You can give your order according to your taste. Hueys is also known for their great customer service, so you will feel happy to have a meal here.

So if you are planning to order some food from Hueys , dont forget to read Menuz King full menu of Hueys. We have arranged the menu from Appetizers , Full Meals drinks to desserts.

You can also check the Hueys official website site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price because restaurant can change their price anytime. So you may observe some variation in our menu as compared to official menu of Hueys. Menuz King constant effort try to update these menu as soon as possible. So our visitors can get the latest menu with its prices.

Its time to beat hunger with delicious Hueys meals. Dont think about calories , first lets have the food which you are craving for.
So without wasting much time lets check the full Hueys menu.

Huey’s Munches Menu

French Fries(basket)$2.50
Cheese Friesw/bacon & scallions$5.00
Onion Rings(hand breaded)$3.80
Fried Mushrooms(hand breaded)$5.55
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (8)$5.55
Cheese & Sausage Plate$6.50
Chicken Tenders (4)$5.85
Nachostortilla chips piled high with grated cheddar, seasoned beef & beans, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos & sour cream.$6.50
Memphis’ Original Potato Skins (5)$5.30
Buffalo Wingswhole$6.30
Fried Shrimp$7.15

Hueys burgers

Hueys Burgers are 1/3 pound and are prepared medium unless otherwise requested, see descriptions below. rare- cool deep red , med rare- warm red center, medium- pale pink, med well-slightly pink, well done-no pink at all. add the following to any burger .

World Famous Huey Burgerchoose from: mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion & cheddar or swiss cheese, on a toasted sesame seed bun. make any burger an all-veggie or turkey burger for an additional $0.50.$5.10
West Coast Burgerguacamole, monterey jack cheese on whole wheat bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion. make any burger an all-veggie or turkey burger for an additional $0.50.$5.95
Smokey Melt Burgerour version of the patty melt with smoked cheddar cheese on wheat bread, choose from: mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion. make any burger an all-veggie or turkey burger for an additional$5.60
Senor Hueysame famous huey burger topped with spicy jalapeno cheese-bueno, choose from: mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion. make any burger an all-veggie or turkey burger for an additional $0.50.$5.35
Madison Avenue Burgerthe prospector’s favorite new burger! served on a buttered, toasted sour dough bun and topped with swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, mayo, lettuce, tomato and sizzlin’ bacon. make any burg$6.25
Texas Toast Burgerthe world famous huey burger topped with pepper jack cheese, grilled onion and jalapeno, served on texas toast. make any burger an all-veggie or turkey burger for an additional $0.50.$5.45
Huey’s Club (Hot Or Cold)served on honey wheat berry toast, piled high with savory turkey & ham, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & 1000 island dressing.$5.70

Hueys Sandwich Menu

Roast Beef Sandwich (Hot Or Cold)served with mayo and au jus on an onion roll.$5.80
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwichsliced marinated steak tucked beneath cheddar cheese, grilled red onions, cracked black pepper, mayo, lettuce & tomato, on a hoagie roll.$6.80
Chicken Philly Cheese Sandwichmarinated chicken smothered with pepper jack cheese, grilled red onions, cracked black pepper, mayo, lettuce & tomato on a hoagie roll.$6.80
Steak Sandwich7 oz. tenderloin filet, seasoned and served open face with lettuce & tomato on a buttered hoagie bun. please allow more time for cooking if ordering well done.$9.30
Shrimp Po-Boybreaded shrimp, deep fried and served open face with lettuce & tomato on a buttered hoagie bun, with a side of roumalade sauce. also available buffalo style$7.00
Turkey Supreme Sandwichturkey stacked high with avocado, swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato & sprouts on a croissant.$6.10
Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwichchicken breast served with mayo, lettuce, tomato and choice of cajun spices & swiss or cheddar cheese on an onion roll.$5.95
Fresh Grilled Tuna Steak Sandwichtuna steak lightly seasoned with cajun spices, served on an onion roll with lettuce, tomato & mayo. tartar sauce served upon request$6.40
Fiesta Chicken Pita Pocketsgrilled chicken breast strips marinated & lightly seasoned, stuffed in a pita with cheddar, lettuce, tomato and a side of ranch, served with tortilla chips & salsa.$6.95
Reubencorned beef, sauerkraut and melted swiss cheese served hot on toasted marble rye with a side of 1000 island dressing.$6.30

Huey’s Special

Thai Chicken Saladour fresh mixed greens with shredded carrots, radishes, and red cabbage, topped with chopped nuts, crunchy rice noodles, mandarin oranges, and grilled chicken. served with thai peanut dressing on the$8.00

Gold Miners favorite Menu

Steak Stick Dinner(3) with fries$8.80
Steak Stick Snack(1) with fries$5.20
Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Kabob Dinner(3) with fries$7.15
Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Kabob Snack(1) with fries$5.00
Fish & Chips$7.80
Chicken Tenders Dinnerwith fries also available buffalo style$7.30
Chili & Tamales(3) w/cheddar & onions$5.00
Red Beans & Riceour classic cajun recipe with smoked sausage.$4.60
Shrimp Basket W/Friesbreaded shrimp, deep fried to a golden brown, served with cocktail sauce. also available buffalo style$8.70

Hueys Kids menu

Hueys kids menu
Grilled Cheese$3.15
Kid’s Burger$3.55
Mini Corn Dog Dogs(4)$3.30
Chicken Tenders (2)$4.00
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (4)$3.80
Kid’s Mac N’ Cheese$4.00

Hueys Soups n Salads

Salads dressings available in Hueys are salad dressings- ranch, light ranch, blue cheese, 1000 island, honey mustard, hot honey bacon, vinaigrette, and oil & vinegar.

Homemade Potato Soupwith grated cheddar cheese, bacon & scallions.$3.50
Spinach Saladfresh spinach topped with egg, mushrooms & red onion, served with a side of bacon bits & hot honey-bacon dressing.$4.50
Tossed Salad$3.00
Chicken Tenders Saladfresh iceberg & leaf lettuce topped with deep fried chicken tenders, tomatoes, mushrooms, shredded cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, scallions & bacon bits.$7.40
Grilled Chicken Or Tuna Steak Saladfresh iceberg & leaf lettuce topped with your choice of seasoned grilled chicken or tuna with tomato, avocado, monterey jack cheese, scallions & sprouts.$7.55
Cobb Saladfresh spinach, iceberg & leaf lettuce topped with bacon, scallions, egg, chicken, tomato & cheddar cheese.$7.00

Hueys Desserts

Homemade Brownie$4.00
Homemade Lemon Ice Box Pie$3.30
Snickers Pie$4.00

DISCLAIMER: Huey’s menu on the website may not cover recent changes. For exact current price and menu information, please contact Huey’s restaurant directly. For our other Menus click HERE

About Hueys

Huey’s is a chain of eateries and bars situated in Memphis, Tennessee. It was Founded in 1970 by Alan Gary. It has been casted a ballot “Best Burger” by Memphis Magazine consistently since 1984. Huey’s has likewise been casted a ballot “Best Pub Grub” and “Best Beer Selection” in Memphis Magazine’s Readers Restaurant Poll. Acclaimed for its “Huey Burger,” the chain works 7 areas spread across the city. In the wake of being established by Alan Gary in 1970 as an endeavor to “make a bar that was fun and remarkable,” Huey’s was bought by Thomas Boggs in 1976. The organization currently works under the corporate body Uncle Donald’s Restaurant LLC, which is as yet run by the Boggs family.

What’s the specialty of Huey’s?

Huey Burger is Specialty of the Huey’s.

Do they provide Kids Meal?

Yes Huey’s have separate menu for Kids.

How much it cost to have a huey burger?

Huey burger cost around $5.