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Spangles Breakfast Menu

    spangles breakfast menu

    Breakfast is Everything. It is the most important meal of the day. Without it most of us can’t even think to start our day. The little energy you obtained from your breakfast can ignite your willingness to kick start. Menu’z King is here with Latest Spangles Breakfast menu with its Prices .So Lets have a look what does Spangles have to offer us in Breakfast. Spangles Breakfast menu is all about to end your cravings. Spangles restaurant not only focus on delicious recipes, here the breakfast also have nutrition values.

    spangles breakfast menu

    The Price and availability of particular breakfast is depend upon particular Spangles outlets. So it would be better if you call the Spangles restaurant for their Breakfast menu.

    So Without wasting much of the time, lets have a look at Spangles menu with its prices.

    Spangles Breakfast Menu With Prices

    spangles breakfast menu
    French Toast SticksThis Item is available all day. Sandwich only.$3.15
    Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Pancakes – 3 Pcs$4.80
    Cinnamon & Sugar Mini DonutsHot & fresh, Cinnamon & Sugar Mini Donuts – served with vanilla icing.$3.39
    Breakfast PlatterEggs, hashbrowns, bagel & bacon or sausage.$5.19
    Bagel, Egg & CheeseWith sausage or bacon. Sandwich only.$3.80
    Bacon Breakfast BowlEggs, bacon, hashbrowns & gravy.$5.19
    Fiesta Breakfast BowlEggs, cheese, hashbrowns, tomatoes & jalepenos.$5.19
    Breakfast Club on PitaThis Item is available all day. Sandwich only.$4.29
    Ultimate BagelThis Item is available all day. Sandwich only.$4.69
    Bagel, Egg & CheeseSandwich only.$2.79
    Pancakes – 3 PcsThis Item is available all day.$4.15
    Hashbrown Nuggets$2.35
    Pancake Breakfast BowlPancakes, eggs & sausage served with butter & maple syrup.$5.19
    Sausage Breakfast BowlEggs, sausage, hashbrowns & gravy.$5.19
    Breakfast BurgerSandwich only.$7.15
    Sourdough Ham & Cheese OmeletThis Item is available all day. Sandwich only.$3.80
    Sourdough Bacon, Egg & CheeseSandwich only.$3.80
    Sourdough Sausage, Egg & CheeseSandwich only.$3.80
    Sourdough Steak & EggSandwich only.$4.45
    Sausage, Egg & Cheese on PitaSandwich only.$3.80

    DISCLAIMER: Spangles menu on the website may not cover recent changes. For exact current price and menu information, please contact Spangles restaurant directly. For our other Menus click HERE

    About Spangles

    Spangles is a family-claimed inexpensive food chain situated in Wichita, Kansas. It serves 1/3-pound burgers, flatbread pita wraps, French Fries, Onion Rings, Breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon and sugar doughnuts, without lactose milkshakes, and a variety of other delicate serve sweets. The chain is known for its peculiar, kitschy TV plugs. Today, Spangles Inc. has 27 areas in Kansas, with 14 in the Wichita territory, 4 in Topeka, 2 in Hutchinson, 2 in Salina, and 1 each in Andover, Derby, El Dorado, Emporia and Park City.

    Is the breakfast is served all days in Spangles?

    Yes some dishes from the menu is available all around the day. Whereas some are available only in morning. Please refer to above menu.

    Which is nearest Spangle location to me?

    Spangles is present over 27 locations with the most in Wichita territory. You can also refer to google maps to find Spangles near you.

    What’s the breakfast bowl cost in Spangles?

    There are 5 different types of breakfast bowl available in Spangles. It cost around $5.19 to have one.

    Spangles Breakfast Bowls

    Lets watch what spangles have in breakfast, here is the video.


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