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Taco Time Menu {2021}

Are you searching for a place where you can satisfy your hunger? Or are you searching for mouth watering recipes? So your search is over now. Taco Time menu provides you all delicious food in your table. So Menuz King is here with latest TacoTime menu . Menuz king provides you full and updated 2021 menu of Taco Time. So its time to stop your craving with the help of Taco Time. Taco Time is one of top food outlets in USA. Taco Time menu is known for varieties.

Menuz King provides you Taco Time breakfast menu, Taco Time kids menu , Taco Time lunch menu, Taco Time secret menu and many more all under one roof. Taco Time serves meal for all age groups. You can give your order according to your taste. Taco Time is also known for their great customer service, so you will feel happy to have a meal here.

So if you are planning to order some food from Taco Time , dont forget to read Menuz King full menu of Taco Time. We have arranged the menu from Appetizers , Full Meals drinks to desserts.

You can also check the Taco Time official website site, check latest and current menu price and compare it with our menu price because restaurant can change their price anytime. So you may observe some variation in our menu as compared to official menu of Taco Time. Menuz King constant effort try to update these menu as soon as possible. So our visitors can get the latest menu with its prices.

Its time to beat hunger with delicious Taco Time meals. Don’t think about calories , first lets have the food which you are craving for.
So without wasting much time lets check the full menu.

Taco Time is a Mexican fast food restaurant having more than 300 locations in the United States. The restaurant focuses on Texan & Mexican dishes such as loaded burritos, tacos, nachos , Kids meal and lots of Combo meals. The restaurant also offers an all day breakfast menu too.

Burrito’s in Taco Time Menu

Are you a burrito’s fan? Taco Time serves you mexican burritos with beef, veggie, Chicken , Pork & many more add ons. These Burrito’s meal in taco time is included with Regular Drink & Regular Mexi-Fries. So lets check out taco time menu for their burrito’s.

Soft Pinto Bean Burrito$2.04
Soft Pinto Bean Burrito – Combo$5.54
Soft Beef Burrito$2.64
Soft Beef Burrito – Combo$6.14
Veggie Burrito$3.64
Veggie Burrito – Combo$7.14
Chicken BLT Burrito$5.14
Chicken BLT Burrito – Combo$8.64
5 Alarm Burrito$2.14
5 Alarm Burrito – Combo$5.64
Chicken & Black Bean Burrito$4.94
Chicken & Black Bean Burrito – Combo$8.44
Sweet Pork Burrito$3.84
Sweet Pork Burrito – Combo$7.34
Casita Burrito$4.14
Casita Burrito – Combo$7.64

Taco Time’s Quesdilla Menu

A tortilla filled with cheese and heated will be the dish that you are waiting for. Quesdilla in Taco time is a authentic mexican dish in their menu. Quesdilla in Taco time Menu Includes Regular Drink & Regular Mexi-Fries

Cheese Quesadilla$2.44
Cheese Quesadilla – Combo$5.94
Chicken Quesadilla$4.54
Chicken Quesadilla – Combo$8.04
Bacon Quesadilla$3.14
Bacon Quesadilla – Combo$6.64
Pork Carnitas Quesadilla$4.54
Pork Carnitas Quesadilla – Combo$8.04

Nacho’s @ Taco Time

Looking for a snack or appetizer in Taco time menu? Then Nachos can be a option.Nachos is a mexican dish which consists of tortilla chips with melted cheese. So lets check Taco time Nacho’s

Original Nacho Grande$6.84
Beef Nacho Grande$7.34
Chicken Nacho Grande$7.84
Pork Carnitas Nacho Grande$7.84

Crispy Combo Menu

Lets check Crispy combo meals offered in taco Time. These meals includes Regular Drink & Regular Mexi-Fries

Crisp Meat Burrito$2.64
Crisp Meat Burrito – Combo$6.14
Crisp Pinto Bean Burrito$1.94
Crisp Pinto Bean Burrito – Combo$5.44
Crisp Chicken Burrito$3.64
Crisp Chicken Burrito – Combo$7.14
Crisp Juan Burrito$2.14
Crisp Juan Burrito – Combo$5.64
Crisp Beef Taco$1.74
Crisp Beef Taco – Combo$5.24

Soft Combo Menu

Not satisfied with crispy combos? Taco time have Soft meal combo ready for you. Served with Regular Drink & Regular Mexi-Fries. So lets check taco time soft meal combo.

Soft Beef Taco$2.84
Soft Beef Taco – Combo$6.34
Soft Chicken Taco$3.94
Soft Chicken Taco – Combo$7.44
Soft Pork Carnitas Taco$3.94
Soft Pork Carnitas Taco – Combo$7.44
Chicken Ranchero Burrito$5.44
Chicken Ranchero Burrito – Combo$8.94
Super Soft Beef Taco$3.44
Super Soft Beef Taco – Combo$6.94
Super Soft Chicken Taco$4.54
Super Soft Chicken Taco – Combo$8.04
Super Soft Pork Carnitas Taco$4.54
Super Soft Pork Carnitas Taco – Combo$8.04

Big Juan Combo Meals

Big Juan is really big burrito! This Taco time dish will satisfy your hunger for sure. Its a home-style tortilla filled with refried pinto beans, seasoned rice and your choice of seasoned beef, chicken or pork carnitas with cheddar cheese, sour cream, zesty picante sauce and homemade salsa fresca.So lets check the Big Juan combo from taco time

Big Juan Beef Burrito$3.94
Big Juan Beef Burrito – Combo$7.44
Big Juan Chicken Burrito$5.04
Big Juan Chicken Burrito – Combo$8.54
Big Juan Pork Carnitas Burrito$5.04
Big Juan Pork Carnitas Burrito – Combo$8.54

Taco Time Salads Menu

You can find some healthy salads options too at Taco time. They have chicken and beef salads available. Lets check em out.

Taco Beef Salad$3.84
Taco Chicken Salad$6.84
Fiesta Chicken Salad$4.84

Kids Meal Menu

Finding meal for your kids in taco time is easy than you expect. taco time have dedicated kids menu section. These meals include Jr. Drink & Kid-Sized Mexi-Fries

Chicken Nuggets$4.04
Corn Dog Bites$4.04
Jr. Soft Taco$4.04
Mini Quesadilla$4.04
Add a Toy$0.70

Platter meals Menu

Whether you are chicken , pork or Beef fan. You will find your favorite platter meal in Taco time for sure . All Platter includes Crisp Taco, Mexi-Fries, Rice & Beans and Choice of an Entree Item

Beef Platter Meal$7.14
Chicken Platter Meal$8.14
Pork Carnitas Platter Meal$8.14

Taco Time Sides Menu

Taco time serves different types of fries and sauce. Lets have a look at their sides menu. Signature hot sauce is my favorite one.

Stuffed Mexi-FriesSmall$2.64
Stuffed Mexi-FriesRegular$3.44
Stuffed Mexi-FriesLarge$4.14
Signature Hot SauceBottle$3.14


After having a spicy meal, lets have some Taco time desserts.

Cinnamon Crustos$1.44

Drinks Menu

Taco time dont serve any type of alcoholoc drinks. But you can get some soft drinks in Tacotime menu. Here it is:

Soft DrinkSmall$1.74
Soft DrinkRegular$1.94
Soft DrinkLarge$2.14
What are the operating hours of Taco Time?

Operating hours fluctuate from outlet to outlet. But Maximum outlets timing is Monday To Saturday 8.00 a.m. – 9.30 p.m.
Sunday is closed

What type of Cuisine dominate in Taco Time Menu?

Taco Time have most type of Mexican dishes in its menu. So we can say that is Mexican Cuisine restaurant

Is Drive thru service available?

Yes it is available in Taco Time

Is Alcoholic drinks served in Taco Time?

No Taco Time, don’t serve any type of Alcoholic drinks.

DISCLAIMER: TacoTime menu on the website may not cover recent changes. For exact current price and menu information, please contact Taco Time restaurant directly. For our other Menus here